Saturday, January 7, 2017

Women not girls rule my world

Melissa Stark is the sexiest woman on television.

That has nothing to do with anything today, she just happens to be on my television at the moment. Every time someone else is on my television talking about football I think, I wish that were Melissa Stark.

Now that Boomer has retired, ESPN should replace him with Melissa Stark.

She should really have her own channel.

Okay, now I'm done talking about Melissa Stark.

Charlie once asked me, Melissa Stark or Charlize Theron? 

I did not hesitate. Melissa Stark. 

That conversation never really happened. Charlie knows the answer without having to ask.

She's my second favorite blonde.

Okay, now I really am done talking about Melissa Stark.

I almost blew out my throat on the way to work yesterday. Turns out, singing Kiss in a falsetto at an extremely high volume is a dangerous thing.

But I do it every single time that song comes on. If that is how my voice dies, it dies doing something it loves.

Titty sprinkles!

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