We're screwed you guys

This is our last Saturday with the Obamas. I want to spend it with them on the beach, getting sand in our toes as we walk and talk about things. I'd make Michelle and give B-rock that look that says, yeah, that's right, treat her right or my ass will take her from you. The TGB will smack me upside the head and everyone will laugh. It would be great.

I have a message in my inbox waiting on a response. It's from a childhood friend. Someone I met while going to church. She voted for Trump. Defended him by mostly attacking HilBil. After the election she wrote to say something to the effect of she looks forward to the next election and more political debates.

At first, I wanted to tell her to go fuck herself. I did not do that. Instead I decided I would wait until the numbness subsided.

I still haven't responded because I don't know what to tell someone that tacitly approves of all of the isms Drumpster brings. What do I say to someone who chose a man who is going to hurt so many people I know and love, and millions more I don't?

I gave myself til the inauguration to come up with the  right words.

I haven't dumped any idiot friends who voted Drumpster because I just don't. But fuck me, I hate some of my friends now.

Titty sprinkles!


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