Welcome to the human race

It is back in the 70s today. Winter has gone.

I will be reading What Is Punk? tonight on FB live. 6 PST. You do the math for wherever you happen to be.

Obama said goodbye last night. I got a little teary eyed a couple times.

I know he was not perfect. And there were many times I disagreed with him.

But he was absolutely the best President of my lifetime.

And Michelle is the only FLOTUS to ever make me say, dayum!

We got a book called Are Pirates Polite? at the library yesterday. Maybe I should read that as part of a Pastafarian outreach program.

Maybe I'll just start reading children's books to adults because adulting fucking sucks. We can all come over to Chez Martinez, curl up with pillows and blankets and Uncle Rudy can read and for a moment we can all pretend we're kids without a worry in the world.

Wouldn't that be fantastic, boys and girls?

Titty sprinkles!


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