We love louder

I cannot stop looking at pictures from yesterday's Women's March and smiling.

I woke up yesterday sad because I was alone in a world where Donald J. Frump is president.

And while there were people like Meghan McCain whining that anti-abortion groups were not invited, and there was that moment of unintentional comedy gold where the nation got yelled at by Sean Spicer, yesterday was an amazingly, fantabulously, glorious fucking day!

I got coffee, wrote a thing, walked the dogs, came home and started prepping to paint the upstairs hallway, landing, and Frank wall.

What's a Frank wall, Rudy?

A wall full of Frank, dumbass. How do you not get this? 

It was daunting to tape the vaulted ceilings so I allowed myself to get distracted by FB and Twitter. That's when my day started to change.

I saw some photos of friends getting ready to go march.

I thought, this is pretty cool.

Then I saw other friends in different parts of the country getting ready to march.

Then in other parts of the world.

So fucking many of my friends.

(I have tears in my eyes now)

If it is true, that you can measure a man by the company he keeps, then I am humbled by the amount of truly beautiful fucking human beings I count as friends.

And I thought, no way. No way this many people are standing together to shout down the hate, the ugly. 

Yes way. Yes fucking way.

And I smiled and taped some of my tall wall, bitched about how heavy my ladder is and text whined to TGB as she was getting on a boat that I was covered in sweat and that was not fair.

I went back to social media and saw more. Friends sharing live videos put me there.

Snow didn't keep anyone away in Boise fucking Idaho. Manhattan shut down. DC dwarfed the inauguration crowd.

And the City of Angels have 750 fucking thousand people marching and not one fucking arrest.

I had to go downstairs and turn on the tv. I could not believe what I was seeing.

My country, the world, all marching to shout down the ugly of Donald J. Frump and the alt racist right with love, tolerance and unity.

I watched speeches from ScarJo, America, and Ashley fucking Judd and was blown the fuck away. I lost count of the times I noticed tears running down my face.

I was am so damn proud of my country.

My day ended up being hours of checking in on the marches with moments of taping and painting in between.

TGB is going to come home to a splotchy hallway, but I think she'll understand when she reads this.

I needed yesterday more than I realized.

I love this beautiful fucking country of mine.

We are going to be okay because we love louder than hate.

Titty sprinkles!


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