Heard a black man telling a white man that he tells all the young black men he knows to stop wearing baggy pants and wear suits and ties instead.

I bit my tongue and walked away.

I've never had a black or brown kid in baggy pants and too big tees ever try to fuck me over. I've known more than a few in shirts and ties that have. And not just me, but my grandmother, my co-workers, my country in fact.

All the people I love most in the world (except for Kris and the Charlies) would probably get taken less seriously because of their fashion, body art, clothing choices. Any one of them are better human beings than anyone I've ever met in a suit and tie.

Even TGB is covered in ink. And once she retires that hair probably going to go full rainbow. But she'll still be stylish af so...

In my lifetime I've spent a lot more time in church than in strip clubs. I learned a lot in each place. Mostly, I prefer the company of strippers and drunks over that of church people, but it's a lot easier to get laid in church.

I'm not saying that outwardly wholesome people are all shit. I am just saying that I don't default to trusting them because they present themselves a certain way. I default to having my guard up. Until I know what the fuck they want.

I had to pause writing to air cowbell.

I've been listening to a lot of Motley Crue while typing this at an obnoxious volume. I hope my neighbors were already away.

Titty sprinkles, mothafuckas!


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