Seriously America, what the fuck were you thinking?

I woke up off and on last night and this morning with that knot back in my stomach.

I also woke up a little red assed. So the few friends I have who post stupid pro-Drumpf shit are hearing from me.

Did you know that the Major League Baseball Hall Of Fame gets money from the NEA? I hate baseball, but I wouldn't want to see the HOF closed because of Drumpf.

I read a thing last night and wanted so badly to come up with my own nickname for Frump. Here's the best I could come up with on minimal sleep:

The Over Tanned Orangutan.

Although, that typo is starting to grow on me: Frump.

He's Frump
He's Frump
He's Frump
He's kind of orange

Frump lingered last in line for brains 
The ones he got were so rotten and insane

That song needs little help to fit the man to a tee.

TGB took off for a cruise today. I told her I couldn't promise the country would still be standing when she returns.

I wasn't joking.

Titty whatevers


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