Monday, January 30, 2017

Please just tell me what the hell is wrong

You guys, DAPL is okay now because #45 just said we're going to use eminent domain and American steel. He literally just said that as I fired up my Mac.

Fucking idiot.

Someone asked me last night why I am so against #45. I tried explaining, but I think I failed.

I'm seeing with my own eyes a man who isn't making decisions based on making America great (it was already great). I see a man making decisions based on whispers in his ear from a man who would take down every institution in my country. Every decision #45 has made so far reflects that mindset.

The wait and see, stand on the sidelines approach does not work for people like that.

But mostly, I've had 18 months of hearing the man himself tell me what he's about and I paid attention.

Change of subject.

My best friend has been nagging imploring me to watch Black Mirror. She duped me by telling me each episode was a stand alone mini-movie and Kelly MacDonald was in the season three finale. I watched the season three finale, it was AMAZE BALLS.

Side note - heaven, if it exists, will be me sitting at a table listening to Kelly MacDonald and Shirley Manson talk.

So last night I started Black Mirror from episode one.

The British Prime Minister fucked a pig on television because of course he did.

Not to be confused with the Prime Minister holding hands with a pig.

I cannot unsee that.

Titty sprinkles!

I was in a shitty cover band in HS. We covered this awesome song.

Go listen to this Awesome Podcast.

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