Monday, January 2, 2017

Matt Patricia 2017!

I'm sick. In fact, by 11:00 PM on NYE night I was sound asleep on all kinds of drugs.

I am a party animal.

The Chargers fired Mike McCoy. They should have done that last year. They also should have sold the team to competent owners. Because they're notorious cheapskates they will not hire someone like Matt Patricia.

Also, and this hurts me to say this, Matt Patricia deserves better than the Chargers.

Of course, if they go to LA I won't care who they hire.

I think I am going to cheer for whomever hires Matt Patricia.

There you go, boys and girls, if the Chargers go to LA I will become a fan of whomever hires Matt Patricia as their head coach.

The dude is practically a rocket scientist. Like, literally in the original sense of literal.

Now excuse me. I have to wipe the phlegm from my keyboard and get back to the couch.

Titty sprinkles!

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