Saturday, January 21, 2017

Let's be crass enough to care

I unfollowed @Potus on twitter today.

Fuck that guy.

In other news, I am home alone for a week! I may not bathe til work on Tuesday.

I had conversation with a dear friend the other day. We were talking about this misconception that liberals are somehow not also well armed.

Liberals serve in our country. Liberals take the oath to defend and uphold the Constitution more seriously than our conservative brethren, in fact. When we liberals swear our oath we mean it always - even, and especially, when someone exercising the rights guaranteed within the Constitution are exercised in a way with which we disagree.

I dunno what the hell my point is. I'm listening to Love, Ire, and Song on repeat and it has me all revved up.

So come on old friends to the streets!

Today we all woke up with Frump as the President. A lot is expected to change. A lot of people are scared.

I don't need to rattle off the laundry list of demographics that are rightly anxious under the new regime - we all know who we are. 

But I want to say once more, and clearly, I am with you. 

I am tiny little voice, a nobody in the big scheme of things really. 

But what little voice I have combined with all the other small voices like yours can create a deafening roar. 

And if you are ever scared, I have your back. Whether it be in a virtual world, or you run into me on the streets, you have an ally, a friend. 

Okay, now I have a new song in my head. 

Titty Sprinkles! 

From my heart to yours

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