Last night I watch a football game

USC played a football game last night.

Against a university that covered up child rape and covered for a coaching staff that covered up child rape.That university was put on sanctions that were later revoked after only one season. The ESPN broadcasters thought that was tantamount to something heroic on the part of the university.

ESPN does not quite understand heroism.

Chris Fowler, the university did not come back from sanctions, the sanctions were wiped out for no justifiable reason. After one season. There is nothing about that that is remotely courageous or heroic.

Kirk Herbstreit, of course the current coaching staff and administration had nothing to do with covering up child rape. Coaching staffs and administrations that cover up child rape should not only not be a part of any current team, they should be in jail. And any fan off NCAA knows that it is never the parties who commit the offense that pay for NCAA sanctions and this should have been no different.

While there will be people who will defend the university and, no doubt, tell me all the reasons I am wrong, that the kids playing last night are good kids (they are) and the coaching staff is high caliber character wise (they definitely appear to be), none of that changes that the university is guilty of covering up child rape for the sake of football.

Next time the university plays on a national stage, ESPN, maybe don't gush about them overcoming so much and just stick to the game at hand. You sound less disgusting and out of touch that way. Or, if you must talk about all the adversity the university had to overcome remind the world that it was of their own making and not anywhere near what the victims of the child rape they covered up will have to overcome.

USC won as time expired.

And beat the university that covered up child rape.


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