Blind faith is for stupid people

I posted what I thought was a funny meme yesterday about evolution. A few people emailed me their butthurt, said I didn't have to be mean just because people don't believe what I believe.

Look, I don't take evolution on blind faith you fucksticks.

I swear to FSM that we are getting dumBer by the minute in this country.

My dreams play out like movies. Last night was no different. TGB was laying next to me munching on so snack and I nuzzled up to her trying to break a little something something off. She pulled away from me and said, no, I'm eating! 

So I try to be clever and slide down betwixt her nethers and say, maybe I should eat, too.

She kicks me and says, if you make me spill this I will be pissed!

So I stop and roll over to my side and just watch her eat.

I woke up thinking, that was fucking weird.

I reached over and she wasn't there. I could see the light on in the bathroom and hear the showering going.

I laid there til I started to drift off. Just as I drifted into REM I realized I was laying in a fucking pile of crumbs.

Titty sprinkles!


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