A smedium tee shirt

Guns not included
I like the Rock. This post isn't about him or his political leanings.

It's about me. Duh. Everything, all the time, about me. How have you people not figured this out yet?

Anyway, the above photo was posted on a FB friend's page.

I was going to comment. I was going to say something about people who used to say obummer would never be their president are hypocrites or some other horse shit about the Constitution and fighting tyranny at home that would have sounded like nothing more than blah, blah, blah BLAHBLAHblah, bLaH BlAh, bLAh. 

But then I thought, what would Jesus do? And decided to do the opposite.

J/K that's what Republicans and Christians do.

I decided to do nothing. For now. Because here's the thing: they voted against their own interests. Down the road the GOP and DIC (Dipshit In Charge) are going to do something that is going to fuck things up for the lot of us, including the people who voted for Derp Trump.

And as much as I love schadenfreude (and I probably will take a minute to smirk, but not audibly laugh) I don't want to see a bad shit happen to her and her family because of how stupid she was at the election booth.

There's a fight coming. With stupid people in Washington and state legislatures all over the country. Fighting with stay-at-home moms who voted against their own interests on the internets is wasted energy.

And while I suspect the same idiots who voted for Trump won't appreciate it, when the time comes to fight for them, the fight will be for them not against them.

Hey, lookie there, that is what Jesus would do.

Fuckin' a.

Titty sprinkles!


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