A non-political dribble

Woke up singing everyone knows it's windy.

Then wondering if everyone but me knows it's Wendy and they just don't want to tell me.

I have Florence & The Machine cranked.

TGB introduced them to me on some dance show years ago. It was a double whammy. Chicks Women do that to the men who love them.

What are we watching?

Just a thing I watch from time to time. 

Ummm, it's random people dancing and being judged. Is this a reality tv show?

She's hot, isn't she?


I knew you'd like it. 

What? No, I just agreed with you that she's hot!

Do you not like hot women?

I do.

And she's hot?


And she's on this show?


See, I knew you'd like this show! 

I... what?

And that, boys and girls, is how I got sucked into watching So You Think You Can Dance.

Titty sprinkles!


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