This isn't for you so don't read it.

Dear TGB,

I saw the look you gave me when I told you the words I want to add to my tattoo homage of you.

I would have explained it to you, but then I would cry and you would mock and I would cry some more and then we would end up divorced and you would end up with half of Lucy Liu which is kind of grosser than a whole Lucy Liu. So I will tell you why I have been thinking about adding those words since the day I got this tattoo of you in the first place. 

When I think about the things you've been through, the fights you've had, well, you are the baddest of badasses. 

When I got my tat to celebrate the one year mark of you being cancer free I knew we still had to wait til that five year mark to get the all clear. And it's been four plus years of an emotional roller coaster for us, for you. 

But those words always come back to me whenever I think about you, whenever we have a check up, whenever we're anxiously waiting the results of the latest round of tests. 

I don't say it because it sounds silly to quote a quirky tv show when dealing with something as real as cancer. 

But when I think about you, your fight, your badassery... I hear those words. 

So... I am going to go ahead and get those words tattooed In that space between where your tattoo begins and ends. 

When we finally get the all clear. 

And we are going to get the all clear because, well, no power in the 'verse can stop you. 


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