This ain't a dream, I can't escape

When I die and look up from hell, I will know who loved me the most by how soon after my demise they make an inappropriate joke at my expense. The sooner and more inappropriate, the more they loved me.

Or at least, the more they got me.

I finally agree with Donald Trump on something: the Electoral College is a disaster.

I read a science thing today all about measuring the light of antimatter and getting one step closer to proving/disproving Einsteins special relativity theory.

As I read I thought, wow, the writer of this article made this easy for me to understand. 

And then I thought, wow, nobody had to get blown up, shot, mutilated, or oppressed for science in the name of science.

Weird, right?

Anyway, after yesterday's Electoral vote made it official, we're all fucked.

Enjoy the science while you can.


Titty sprinkles, y'all!


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