Sometimes I depress me

Dexter likes to eat poop. Any poop. Today it was a mound of round rabbit looking poop.

Remember that as you oohh and ahhh his page next time.

He is in quarantine until I know he isn't going to throw it up all over my house.

Lucy Liu, as dumb as she is (and she is GOP level dumb) would never eat poop. Or at least, Dexter hasn't convinced it's the most delicious thing ever. Yet.

New Year's Day is always my favorite holiday. Usually, I love the new car smell of the new year. But 2017 is the first year I am looking at with dread.

For one reason: Trump

Rudy, the worst is over.

No. The worst has yet to begin. We have a stupid person with a small temper surrounding himself with smart people with no regard for the American people running the show in 21 days. Him and the people he has surrounded himself with have made it clear that anyone who falls into the category of other should be scared.

The Racist Right is going to be running the show and We The People handed that control over willingly.

Maybe I am overstating it. Maybe I am being dramatic, as I have been told I am wont to be.

I am not looking forward to finding out.

Titty sprinkles!


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