If you're gonna post a Bernadette Peters video I am gonna steal your Bernadette Peters Video

... Merritt, Tom, Keith, Kevin ...

After I wrote yesterday's post I went back a few times and added names while I ate breakfast. Then I remembered more people throughout the day.

... Brittni (HI BRITTNI!)...

I don't particularly like Christmas. I get all emotional over It's a Wonderful Life, but other than that it's never been more than a fun day to waste playing video games for me. Then I got married to a Christmas lover.

You know the type. Holiday traditions, favorite ornaments, real trees - none of that fake shit, family gatherings, gift lists, blah, blah, blah.

I'm alright with most of that shit. Her family is pretty cool. Sure, they voted Trump and are mildly racist, but what midwest family isn't? We have a tradition of getting a real tree the day after Turkey Day - even if she hates that tradition because it means she can't stay in jimmy jammies that ENTIRE Friday.

... Katie, Katie, and Katie...

Although, living in the Derp South, I don't think anyone would notice if she showed up to a tree farm in jimmy jammies.

We even buy new Christmas ornaments when we travel. Except for the last time we were in London because we were so constantly on the go that we just forgot. Or, it was my fault. One of those two.

But mostly, the one thing I really do hate is the whole gift list thing. If I say I don't want anything I'm a Grinch. If I say I want gift cards it's not good enough. If I buy the thing I need anytime after Halloween I'm an asshole.

Plus, and I cannot emphasize this enough, if you see a thing that makes you think, hey, I bet Rudy would love this and you get it for me, I will be WAAAAYYYYYYYYYY more touched than if I spoon feed you a list and you pick a thing off of it.

... Dori, James, Marina ...

My favorite gift this year already arrived. TGB did a thing that resulted in getting a postcard from the guys in Koo Koo Kangaroo. She had them send it to me instead.

It's a tiny, unexpected thing that makes me so warm inside I want to burst! 

You're thinking, it's just a piece of paper with words on it, Rudy. 

Yeah. But just like all the CAH gifts she's gotten me in years past, this means the most because she gets me. You know?

Also, she is waaaayayyyyyyyaaaayyyy better at this than I am.

I'm sure I forgotten more people.

Anyway, I forgot what I meant when I started this.

Titty sprinkles!


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