I need to find just the right tee for when I read What Is Punk to the kids next month.

I knew a girl once. She believed that all of our souls are fragments of one big soul not unlike a giant mosaic. Each individual soul is a tiny piece that makes up the whole. She said this explained the people we find ourselves inexplicably drawn to, people we meet and feel we've known a lifetime; their souls were just the pieces of that mosaic right next to mine.

All the cool kids are at Frank Turner's 2000th show.

I am stuck on a beach.

I am not unique in saying that music changed my life. Most of the people I know and love have those songs that take them back to places they wish they'd never left; those songs that got them through those times they thought they'd never survive.

More than a few of the people reading this met me through Frank's music. Either at a show, on a boat, or grabbing my arm and screaming, is that a Frank Turner tattoo?!?!

Yes, now please let go of my arm you crazy person. 

Some of the most important people in my life, some of the most colorful, badass, beautiful souls, all because my wife decided she liked some English singer and dragged me to his show.

The music Music did the rest.

Every time I am at a show I look around and realize we are all part of this one big thing connected through Music.

Our teeny tiny souls found each other through the music and the rest, the closeness, the love, all makes perfect sense.

Titty sprinkles!

I was about to post this when I started doing a roll call in my head of all the awesome nerds I've met through Mr. 2000's music. It is a staggering list of beautiful motherfuckers. 

Deena, Charlie, Lauren, Shelby, Todd, Scott, Annie, Ben, Amy (All the Amys!), Momma D, Eric, Dee, Tony (Hollywood), Jake, Emma, Nigel, Billy, Sarah, Valerie, Teemu, Michelle, John, Mark, Ryan, Joshua, Dave... the list could go on and on. 

You can argue whether or not music really can change the world. But I can state emphatically that music has made my life much richer. I'll be smiling all day because of it.


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