Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy whatever

Had a thought last night: if you're a christian who voted for Trump, you aren't a christian.

It sounded pithy and meme worthy.

Speaking of Trump, I am off to Ohio in a few hours.

Alex Morgan is joining a French men's club. Dude, that chick is a bad mamajamma. I remember when she was a seventeen year old pup coming in for some clean up time on the women's squad.

Dear burglars who are reading this thinking, I should break in while they're away!

We have a young airman house sitting for us. She's a cop on base and very good with a gun. She also has a very smitten Lucy Liu looking out for her. I would suggest moving on.

I am going to be reposting old favs through X-mas.

Enjoy your family. Or don't. I totally understand the desire to simply survive the holidays.

Whatever you do, with whomever you do it, just know I am glad you're there.

Don't be a dick. That's my job.

Titty sprinkles!

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