Great Scott!

My favorite holiday has always been New Year's Day. It's a sort-of hit the reset button kind of holiday.

In the good years it's a way of saying, last year was amazing, what can we do to top it this year?

In the bad years it's a way of putting to wrap all that sucked and starting again with a blank canvas.

This is one of those anomaly years. Personally, 2016 has been more good than bad.

Of course, we lost our share of celebrities. Ron Glass, I will miss you most of all. But the good Shepherd will live on in my Blu-Ray collection, so there is that.

But the weird thing for me is, I want to stay in 2016 a little longer because we still have a sane person running the country.

I am dreading 2017 because that's when Dipshit officially takes office.

Losing David Bowie sucked.

But gaining Donald Trump sucks waaaayyyyy more.

Titty spinkles.


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