Badassery never dies

I saw a little girl at the libary the other day. She was wearing a tiara and a Batman cape. I dubbed her Princess Batman. I can't quite articulate what I felt, but it is somewhere in the vicinity of, this is your fucking world and don't ever let anyone else tell you otherwise.

I've been thinking about Princesses a lot the last couple of days.

I was five when I saw Star Wars the first time.

By the way, if you're one of those fuckfaces who insists on calling it A New Hope you don't sound cool, or accurate, you sound like a fucking hipster fucking douche canoe.

Anyway, Star Wars... like every five year old I wanted to be Han Solo mostly for the Chewbacca sidekick. But it was also my introduction to a Princess.

Princess fucking Leia was the first badass chick I ever encountered. She was a Princess, royalty, but she wasn't soft and frilly the way Disney would later try to convince me they're supposed to be.

She wasn't the equal of Han and Luke either, she was better and she fucking knew it and she owned that shit. What's more, she wasn't just hell bent on saving the galaxy, she had to stop along the way to save the boys a time or for good measure.

She was a hero. She was a role model.

Not just for little girls.

And not just as someone a dad points to and tells his son, find a girl like that (although, she is absolutely the kind of girl I married).

Leia taught this little boy that Princesses don't need saving. They are perfectly capable of saving themselves and the rest of the galaxy. She taught me that a woman is one hell of a mighty force all on her own. She taught me that a woman who can fight for the things that matter most in the galaxy to her is a woman you want to fight along side and not ever against.

I was five when I first saw her. I knew she was a badass, even if I didn't know the word.

Princesses don't die. They become Generals.

General Badass.

Fuck you, that made me laugh.

Badassery, though... that shit is contagious. It spreads from generation to generation.

Just ask Princess Batman.

Titty sprinkles!


I love this General Organa homage.


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