Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Those postcards I sent to Birmingham

My friend left today. After four months of having her here, she is heading home to her family.

I even skipped out on watching the last half of Road House to go to breakfast with her. That is love in any language.

We watched horror flicks and binged on junk food last night. Good times.

I will miss you, Amber.

Enough of this sentimental crap.

I have my garage back. I can wash Slagathor and build things!

TGB is here and I have listened to the same song a couple of different ways now. I am sure she is relishing our morning together.

I am going home to California in a couple of weeks. I miss that place.

Remember in the beginning of Out Of Africa when Karen narrates If I know a song of Africa...

I don't really remember the rest of it, I just remember the feeling of it. It reminds me of California. I wonder if she remembers me as fondly as I remember her.

A lot of things remind me of California. Sunsets especially. East of California they look so beautiful because the sun is giddy to be getting back to California. West of California they look so beautiful because the sun is smiling at the memory of California. In California the sunsets are the best because the sun is saying goodbye to the girl he loves the most.

Someone send me a million dollars so I can buy a shack in Monterey.

Titty sprinkles!

Three different times I made her listen to this song this morning.

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