This asshole

I spent a good part of this morning watching the Bill Maher interview of President Obama.

I didn't vote for Obama the first time. Some of you will be shocked to learn I was a lifelong Republican up 'til the 2012 election (I'm an Independent now).

Unlike most people who opposed Obama during his first term, I could actually argue against his policies. Chiefly, he had none. He was a junior Senator who missed more votes than he attended. And while being a community organizer was adorable noble, it didn't exactly equate to leading the free world.

And even though I didn't vote for him in '08, I cried when he was inaugurated. A person of color had become my President. My brown ass could even forgive his horrible dancing (it's called the white man overbite for a reason, Mr. President)

By his re-election I was all in. I still disagreed with some of his policies and appointments (Timothy Geithner, really Obama?), but overall he had been the salve we desperately needed after eight fucking years of that shitheel former President's kid.

The good has far outweighed the bad. When you consider how much shit he had to eat from the GOP lead Congress i'm amazed he didn't take a fucking flame thrower to the place. It's a miracle he got anything done.

Anyway, I am going to miss having the coolest guy in the room, any room he walked into, leading this great country of mine.

You should watch the entire interview. Yes, Bill Maher is his usual douchey self, but he's smart enough to let B-Rock do most of the talking.

I'll miss you Mr. President.

Titty sprinkles!


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