One man's terrorist is another man's hero

When I read that Fidel Castro died I giggled because I imagined he was going to try get some of that sweet Florence Henderson ass. I would.

That's how it works when you die, right? You get to have all the ass you fanstasized about on earth? No? Fuck it then, I don't want to go to heaven.

You were never going to heaven, Rudy.

Ohio State plays Michigan today. Remember, Harvard has been playing Yale longer and was The Game first so, call it something else.

Also, if you happen to be married to a fan of either do not remind them that The Ten Year War was just a play in for the opportunity to lose to USC. Shit will get thrown at you.

Weird Rudy fact: I have always loved OSU. Like, long before I ever even met anyone from Ohio let alone lived there. Even before I learned that Ohio was the birthplace of football. I think it was the uniforms.

Anyway, don't tell TGB I am pulling for the Buckeyes today. If they lose she'll blame me for getting my stink on them.

CAH is digging a hole for money. I should do that with word salad. Every letter will be a dollar. I estimate I would make enough to write:


No sprinkles, just titty.

Someone set that up for me.

Titty Sprinkles!


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