My favorite chick, not named Samantha, from Ohio

So how crazy do you think Drumpf is going to get before something really bad happens?

I never thought anyone would make me think, maybe GW wasn't so bad after all. Drumpf has.

Today the same people who always blame all Muslims will be at it again thanks to some dipshit at OSU.

I would make a meme denouncing Christianity every time a Christian behaves deplorably, but that would leave me no time for anything else.

Damn you Michelle Obama, I can't always go high!

Or, ever, really.

Look, a guy did a thing and it was horrible. Unforgivable, really. But throwing an entire chunk of humanity under the bus for it makes zero fucking sense. I get that people are angry. I get angry every time a white guy calls a person of color a horrible thing, or worse, because I know that could be me on the receiving end. But I don't blame all white people.

Anyway, I find myself thanking the chubby baby jeezus for Pantsuit Nation. It's a page I got added to after the election. I think it was my friend Sandra who added me. At first I was all, what is this shit? Is this some whiney page bitching about the election?

Then I realized it is not. After a week of walking around with a knot in my stomach and a week recharging in the Best State, it has helped remind me that the world is not just Drumpf voters and backwards thinkers.

More than once, reading through tears, I have thought, thank you Sandra.

Titty sprinkles!


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