Irony is when you vote for Trump then whine about feeling hated

Dear dipshits whining about the protesters, I wore a uniform to protect their right to protest. And your right to whine about it like fucking man-pussies.

Anyway, I have moved on from sad and onto angry.

I like angry. Angry gets shit done.

I have a small handful of friends who have written me asking if we cool.

We are not.

But I am holding off responding because angry likes to blow shit up.

Now huddle up and pay attention.

2018 is right around the corner. The entirety of the House is up for election and 1/3 of the Senate.


And flip the legislative branch to de-fang whatever dumbfuckery Herr Trump and his lapdog Pence have put into play. 

All this talk about Michelle Obama in 2020 makes me moist, but it misses the fucking point. 

And for all of you pissing and moaning that we only have two parties, that's because your dumbasses only ever concentrate on the Presidential Election. Get LOCAL and get involved in the off year elections. 

Finally, stop trying to convince me that people who voted for Trump have myriad, not hateful reasons for doing so. 

They had the same information we all did. 

They saw and heard the same things we all did and they still chose him. 

The man ran on hate. 

And people still voted for him. 

I know this guy said some heinous shit about Mexicans (immigrants and not), and I know he thinks Jews run the world through some cabal, and I know he wants to send basically everyone with a brown hue back to some other country, and I know he thinks it's totally cool to grab women by the crotch, cheat on all of his wives, cheat people out of money, deny science is a thing, shit all over the gays, but dammit, I am still gonna vote for him because what else am I gonna do? Write in someone else? Vote third party? Vote for that Nasty Woman?

Fuck you, you fucking fuck. 

Yesterday someone pointed out that American Idiot would have been a better song. I picked Back In The Sand because my knotted gut tells me that we will back in another war or two under Herr Trump's reign. 

And I was saving this for the angry stage. 

Titty sprinkles, motherfuckers!


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