If gods my witness god must be blind

What's up, muddafuckas?!

Some of you wait patiently. Others of you nag.

I am writing this as I listen to Shirley Manson talk to Tori Amos about who cares what because it's Shirley Manson and Tori Amos!

I woke from a dream that I was Billy Ocean. Not that I was hanging with Sir Ocean, I was Billy. And I hung out Brooke Shields.

The week away in California was sublime. The swirling mix of diversity stood in stark relief to the Derp South in Drumpfs 'Murica.

By the way, can we stop with this Alt Right bullshit and just call it what it is: racist right.

As I drove by the Museum of Tolerance a few times during my trip I thought, this should be required visiting for every single American. Especially our new Dipshit Elect. 


It's weird to realize that Tori Amos has a teenager. God damn I am old.

I've known my brother-in-law for about ten years now. But I didn't really fall in love with him until this trip.

Part of it is because my baby sister is my favorite person not named Samantha so nobody is good enough. Part of it is because I met him while I was still drinking and my level of asshole was infinite minus one. Time spent drunk does not allow for really knowing someone.

Although, in hindsight, his patience with my assholery is telling. So add that to the list of reasons I love the guy.

But also, it's been a tough time for them. My baby sis was six months along and, well, the baby didn't make it and I will spare you the heartbreaking details.

I tell you that not for sympathy, but as background.

My sister was obviously crushed. Spending the week with her was something I hoped would help her a little. After watching him with her I realized she is in good hands. I also realized that a dad to be is equally as affected by this kind of loss.

There's no real point to this. I loved the way he made my sister laugh. That hard laugh that makes you stop so you can catch your breath. And they were tender with one another through it all. I loved that.

That's all for today. I have dogs that need to poop.

Tittty sprinkles!


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