Saturday, November 5, 2016

I woke up in a mood

My hope next Tuesday is that Drumpf goes down as the most bigoted candidate in modern history, but that he goes down.

It won't be a proud moment that so American people picked someone arguably worse that George Wallace. My guess is that a lot of the people voting for Drumpf have no idea who George Wallace is mostly because reading is fucking hard.

If you don't vote, you're a coward. Yes, you have every right to not vote. I fought for that right. I also have the right to judge you and call you a coward, asshole.

My conundrum is trying to figure out who I think less of, the hateful fuckers who vote Drumpf, or the cowards who won't show up for the fight.

Like the protesters fighting to keep the DAPL from running through their lands, people of color, women, and so many others fought for the right to vote. They were jailed. They had dogs turned on them. They had batons crash down on them. And real live bullets fired at them. And, yes, some even died. Just so they could have their voice heard in our nation's discourse.

So when you say you aren't voting because you think HilBill is just as bad as Drumpf (she's not) you are demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of how our country works. Because even if you don't like the two major party candidates, you can vote for either of the two crazy people on the third party ballot. You can write in Bernie or Vermin Supreme (still less crazy than Jill Stein or Gary Johnson).

Did you know that from GW's election all the way through to Obama's first term I wrote in Colin Powell? Yeah, it was a throwaway, protest vote. But I fucking showed up. I knew that I wasn't getting the POTUS I wanted, but I had a city, a county, a state to worry about.

Not voting because you don't like the POTUS choices is like not eating dinner because you don't like the dessert choices.

Fucking hell, I need coffee and the hammering in my head to stop.

Titty sprinkles!

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