I think Mickey Rickshaw should cover this song

Bill Murray cried last night.


I used to love baseball. Then work stoppages and steroids cured me of that.

This year Vin Scully retired. Now I won't even care if the Dodgers are good again.

Chicago still sucks. The city, not the Cubbies. They won the stick ball championship, or whatever.

Now cub fans will become as insufferable as Pats fans, or worse, Yankee fans.

Fuck the Cubs.

I just stole the picture from a FB page. It reminded me of leaving the church some time ago. I said something similar to a friend who asked why I was walking away from it all.

I like my sins. They're mine. They're the only thing that are.

If you try to take what's mine, I will break your fucking hand.

Titty sprinkles!


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