Why don't you all just fade away

I am still half asleep. Thank FSM I have some awesome music going. I'm just waiting on coffee to brew.

I am going to miss B-Rock.

I have to dig out the old video of the bit I used to do about him. God knows it's somewhere. Just not on my youtube page.

Trump said that electing HillBil would give me four more years of Obama. I'll take it.

Paul Ryan said this election could lead to Bernie Sanders becoming the Budget Chair. I'll take it.

Republicans are really selling me on the Democrats.

I will, Jason. I will.
TGB is tired of hearing about Drumpf. I am going to miss him. He's the Confederate Battle Flag in human form. He helps me to know who to steer clear of. Not because they are all racist, xenophobe, homophobes, but because they've chosen the side of hate and they excuse it which makes them complicit.

And cowards who are complicit in hate are guilty of it.

When the Trumpster fire gets put out it'll make it easier for them to hide.

The new Micky Rickshaw album has me dancing in my chair. I am literally happy and dancing while writing about a dude who makes me sad to my core.

Music is some powerful shit.

Titty sprinkles!


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