The Chargers are horrible and I feel horrible for loving them

A moment of silence for the 2016 San Diego Chargers' season.

Last night I was driving from Tampa to home, listening to the Chargers game on the radio. I got out of the car for dinner somewhere along the way and the Bolt were up 10 at the half.

If anyone can find a way to lose this game, it's the Chargers, I thought to myself.

I came back to the car, turned on the game and they were up 34-21.

My brain instantly thought, 35-34. 

My brain knows what my heart wants to deny: my team sucks.

When the announcers were shocked at how the Chargers lost I thought, is this your first time ever watching this team? They lost the exact same way last week and two weeks before that. The Chargers are the best 58 minute team in the league, dumbass. 

I was not remotely surprised. I was nothing.

In the last twenty years this franchise kept a 1-15 coach for another season, fired a 14-2 coach thanks to a bonehead Marlon McCree play, hired Norvell just to watch him guide the team Marty built back into mediocrity, replace him with a wet nap named Mike McCoy, and then kept that wet nap after a 4-12 season.

Remember when the Pats and Steelers did that? Oh that's right, those franchises aren't owned by morons.

My Bolts have a slightly better record than the Browns and yet, have managed to out Browns the Browns!

I hate football.

Titty sprinkles or whatever.


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