Summer's over. Thank the lord. Seriously, worst season in Florida.

So TGB has me listening to some band that has me distracted from writing because all I want to do is listen.

Yesterday was a great day. Reminded that I am loved tolerated by a great many people. We all need that from time to time.

Also, I got the entire series of The League which is an awesome gift for two reasons.

1. I now have it.

2. Kris does not.

Also, I got a nerf gun. Turns out, Dexter behaves a lot better once shot with a nerf. In one day his chronic barking was curbed to almost zilch. Praise chubby baby FSM.

There's a debate tonight. The last one. You should watch. Why? Because the rest of We The People deserve an informed citizenry.

And all of your, I don't watch the debate because their both same shit brings our collective IQ down.

You are not cool, you are not awesome, you are simply uninformed.

Unless you already voted. Or watched the first two debates. Then you probably already know what a fucking tool Heir Drumpf is and you are free to watch whatever repeats are airing tonight.

I have coffee and dogs to attend to.

Titty sprinkles!

My 40th b-day gift. TGB gives the best gifts.


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