Oooohh, breath mints!

I love the way Mike Rowe slid in some common sense gun advocacy when he talked about voting.

I have always told people to vote, even if they are voting against my candidate. Except for this year. Not because I love Hillary (I don't), but because Trump scares the shit out of me. So, yeah, I would not encourage people to vote for him.

In that regard I absolutely illustrate his point.

And while I agree with him that we do so need to educate ourselves before we vote, I disagree with his assessment that it is not a duty.

It is absolutely a duty. One that so very many of us have been derelict in and that why we are stuck with a choice between a hate monger and politics as usual.  When we fail to show up to vote, we are failing to do our part in the whole process of governance. We the people means you and I. Means getting off our asses and becoming more informed. Means voting.

And not just along party lines.

And if you're gonna vote for Trump, wait til Nov 28th to cast your vote.

See Mike, I can encourage the people voting for the guy I abhor to get out and vote every bit as much as he can.

Enough of that shit.

Titty sprinkles!


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