Maybe this is all Donald Trump's fault

I have always loved strong women. When I was young I think it was because I projected a lot of the things my own mother lacked onto them. Frankly, until the last ten years, I hardly had any interaction with my mother at all.

So, I sought out strong, passionate women. Whether it was overbearing girlfriends or compassionate moms of my friends, I couldn't tell the difference. I equated both with strength, confidence.

As I got older I began to discern the difference between the overbearing types and the strong, confident types. The chicks that I call badasses.

And now, I look around and find myself married to the baddest of asses, surrounded by a life full of other badasses and I even have my own little four legged badass named Lucy Liu.

I don't have a point.

I just caught myself thinking a lot about the women I love in my life lately.

Maybe that's because some asshat said some shit about groping them.

Or maybe I just was struck by how fucking cool my life is because of the people in it.

Titty sprinkles!


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