Let me live that fantasy

Some mornings I am ashamed to share the song I woke up with in my head. This is one of those mornings.

Because I work at a libary now, I sometimes have to help people in our computer lab. Sometimes I get to see what the actual fuck people look at on the internets (and you should be very, very ashamed). Yesterday I got to help a retarded man get tickets to a Trump rally.

Even Hank Moody knows not to grab the pussy
He was trying to hide the computer screen, but he couldn't figure out how to make it print (press 'print') so I got to do it for him. It came off the printer and he got full on Golden Ticket on me. 

Poof! Movie ruined by a Trumpster.
He showed it to me and I smiled like I smelled shit. He was confused, but started chanting Trump! Trump! Trump! As he danced out of the library.

And yes, he really fucking danced out of the library.

Titty sprinkles, or whatever.


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