Just realized I don't have a costume yet

Cheer for the team owned by the Drumpf supporter or the team with the racist mascot in this World Series?

It's like trying to pick someone in this election. Either way you're going to be left feeling a little ashamed when your team wins.

I dropped a thing just now. I couldn't reach it with my toe. I will never see that thing again.

I have to poop. Hold please.

Much better.

Gary Johnson is a moron.

If he is a moron, how come he was elected governor?

Because New Mexico is full of morons. Much like Florida. 

I had the above conversation. It was an easy win once I pointed out that Florida also has a moron as governor.

Anyway, tomorrow I have to go see some English dude in Athens, Georgia. I am excited.

Friday I get to go see Amanda Shires. I am a little more excited. Don't tell the English guy.

Next month I get to see Skinny Lister, then go LA for a week. I miss California.

When I moved back there from Ohio I kissed the ground once I passed the state line. I may do that again when I step off the plane.

Anyway, I want to see you when I get there. And you, too.

Titty sprinkles!


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