I woke up singing a song and haven't stopped

I'm not lost...

I woke up singing Undiscovered this morning. I think I fell asleep singing it. Sometimes a song just embeds itself, you know?

I've always felt the need to be in perpetual motion. Then TGB came along. To quote a family member, she calmed me.

I am still a storm in a teacup, a bull in a China closet. I just happen to be more of a light breeze and a drizzle, a calf.

If it's true that life balances out and we end up with a fair amount of good and bad, then I am so fucking relieved that my life was front loaded with garbage so I can expect the next umpteen years to be as glorious as the last few have been.

Being sober helps. The amount of self-inflicted damage is mind bottling.

But every once in awhile I get that itch to be in motion. So I walk to the beach, stick my toes in the sand, let the water wash over me a bit and head west. It only puts me a few feet closer to California, but it's closer. I breathe deep, let the sun kiss my skin, then I head back.

I see that face and I know I am right where I belong.

I'm not lost

Titty sprinkles!


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