Fair warning, I will probably be sharing this song a lot

Forty-four years ago this ginormous noggin of mine wrecked the privates of a certain woman while trying to escape.

It was another stellar year. What makes it stellar? The people.

It's weird i'nit? I hate people. Most of them truly are awful.

But then I come across a small number that make me think, this one is a sapphire in a sea of rocks.

I am paraphrasing myself here, but I once mentioned that if life is a balance of good and bad then the next forty or so years will be amazing.

Sometimes though, I wonder if I have that right. Sometimes I feel happier than a man has a right to feel. I wonder how I ended up here and I can't find a reason.

One day I just woke up and was like, well, I guess I just have an awesome life. Let's do this! 

So, yeah.

Titty sprinkles!

This is just so my jam lately.


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