Monday, October 31, 2016

Ain't looking for a savior, just tryin' to be me

I love the song What Are You Listening To, but it's hard not to scream at the radio I'm fucking listening to you, Chris! The song feels like a trap set by a crazy girlfriend to test me and there's no right way to answer.

Chris Stapleton is everyone's crazy ex-girlfriend.

Maybe I'm over thinking it.

HA! I played that song (it was in my head) while I wrote that, then I remembered I have new Lilly Hiatt and Amanda Shires! Score!

PSA: People, get your asses to shows in time for the opening act. That band/artist you love was once an opening act for someone else. I have fallen in love with more acts that were the openers than I can even count. Don't be the douche who shows up just for the headliner. Especially don't be the asshole who does that then expects to elbow your way to the front.

Rant over.

I love going through all my friends pictures after shows. Comedy or music makes no difference to me. The unbridled joy is pretty universal.

Most of the time.

Sometimes you leave a show wondering why you even bothered.

I have to ask my friend Boy Charlie for help today. I am stuck. I have a great beginning and a great ending, but the middle is sucky. Like Jason's mom.

But first I am going to pour myself another coffee, walk to the beach, and just be.

Feel free to forward me your slutty sexy Halloween pics.

Titty sprinkles!

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