You misspelled Hermione

Louisiana floods and there is hardly a blip on the national news outlets. Florida gets a little rain and it's all anyone talks about.

That's an indicator of things. I'm too stupid to explain what, but if you get subtext I won't have to.

Looks like we'll get some rain, but the worst of it will skip us.

Every time they talk about the storm I think of Emma Watson.

I love Emma Watson ever since learning her favorite book is Le Petit Prince.

The greatest book ever written.

Also, because of this scene. It's a brilliant scene. Again, I lack the mental capacity to explain why, just trust me.

Tonight my beloved Chargers (WE SIGNED BOSA!!!) play the Niners in San Diego. It's their military tribute night. Yep, the Pentagon didn't pay the Chargers enough to do it on a regular season game (yep, all these tributes by your favorite teams are bought and paid for by the gubmint. If you think your team genuinely gives a shit about our men and women in uniform you aren't very bright.)

Anyway, I will be cheering for the Chargers to win and supporting Kaepernick's sitting.

Titty sprinkles!


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