Wake me Nov 9.

Sometimes I look around and think, these motherfuckers are disproving evolution just by existing. 

I voted last week absentee in California. I didn't send it in. I shredded it and changed my vote yesterday.  I sent it in.

I am not impressed with Hillary. I truly believe she'll be one and done and we are setting up Raphael Cruz for a nice stint in the White House four years from now, but I hate the Donald too much to help him in any way. So I changed my write in to Hil-Bill. Not because I think she deserves to be POTUS. Because I hate Donald that much.

And hate is absolutely the word. There is nothing good in him from what I can see. I judge everyone of you fuckers who have told me you are voting for him. You're an idiot. I still love you, but you are fucking moron.

I'm disappointed that I have to vote for Hillary. If she loses, remember: it is not anyone else's job to elect her, it is the DNC's job to give the masses a candidate that appeals to them.

I wish we could at least have two candidates who could say to each other, here is where I disagree with you on this particular policy. But we the people are too stupid for that type of discourse so they give us what we want.

Reality TV that's pretty well scripted. Especially the part we play.

Titty sprinkles!


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