I will miss you Keenan Allen

I love football season. Yes, both of the teams for which I cheer suck like Jason's mom. But that's okay because I get to reconnect with people I miss.

I was watching the Seachickens game yesterday while TGB was in the kitchen when the announcer says, Rusell Wilson hurt his ankle in the first quarter.

TGB's head pops over the fridge, he misspelled vagina!

She may have been hangry.

My brother relished the Chargers choke job. Charlie was dumb enough to think that maybe they were not terrible. He has since realized the err of his ways. I had to watch the Iggles game with an Iggles fan, basically a Raiders fan in green. And the Raiders were handed a win by the refs.

Yesterday was 9/11. That means everyone was either celebrating Steve Buscemi (shut the fuck up, Donnie), politicizing a national tragedy, remembering where they were, or avoiding it all together (me). I have some photos I need to get scanned from the negatives that I took in the days after 9/11. First I have to buy a negatives scanner.

Anyway, after one week of NFL football I think I can safely say that my Chargers are the fifth best team in the NFC west.

There are only four teams in the division, Rudy.

Yes, I know.  

Fire Mike McCoy.

Titty sprinkles!

The best thing about commercials on Youtube is that I can mute them and come write some stuff while it plays.


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