Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I was going to go with Van Halen, but...

I read some Hemingway book in high school that quotes that John Donne poem No Man Is An Island. Even then I was put off by it once I got to the
Every man's death diminishes me - part 
His whole point being we're all connected and whatever happens to one of us effects us all. While that may be true, whatever happens to one of us effecting us all, it doesn't mean we are necessarily less for it.

Some people make the world a better place once they depart. 

That was my first only thought when I read that Phyllis Schlafley died.  

I have recovered from the embarrassment that is USC football. Now I get to look forward to the embarrassment that us Chargers football.

I hate football.

I love titties.

I love sprinkles.

Titty sprinkles are the...

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