I have to cut this one short because I have to write and send a card to a cute kid in St. Louis, Misery.

Last night we had a storm that made Hermine look like a pussy.

Also made Dexter look like a pussy. Storms always do.

I have a bazillion notifications most mornings. Usually from stupid people posting puns or people who are just wrong on the internet. But this morning on the top of the list is a live show by Dave Giles. I like Dave. He's a good egg. Give him a google search and a listen.

You will be pleased to know I have a new contact lens. I know it has been keeping you up at night wondering how are Rudy's eyes? We tried several different brands and when we got to the one I am wearing now, I just knew, you know? In that moment I understood what all the songs meant.

Wait, what?

Right now Dave is covering a song about my hometown, Under The Bridge.

No matter where I go there are always songs about California being sung.

Dave is in London.

California is the center of the world and I will *fight you if you disagree.

*in my jimmie jammies with pillows.

Titty sprinkles!!!

Love this song. Click it.


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