I amp up by listening to Tupac when preparing to read to children

Spent some time responding to emails while listening to some Billy this morning.  Her voice always puts me in a pensive mood.

Isn't that one of the damndest things about music? You can listen to certain artists or certain songs and your entire outlook is changed. Sometime I hear a single note in a song and I crumble.

My five favorite songs in the history of ever in order:

1. Jimi Thing - Dave Matthews Band. This song has always had the ability to make me smile. It, to borrow a phrase, keeps me floating. Even when my dad died, this one song would lift me out of the miserable abyss of grief for a moment or two.

2. Photosynthesis - Frank Turner. This song ALMOST overtook Jimi. What it did do was make me fall in love with Frank Turner. It's my jam. It also takes me to that happiest of places.

3. Hit 'Em Up - Tupac. I could make the argument that this is the greatest song ever. I could also make the argument that all five of the songs on this list could be replaced by a Tupac song. This song makes every other song its bitch.

4. Lick The Pavement - Garbage. This song is sex in song form. Raunchy, sweaty, fucking sex.

5. A Day In The Life - The Beatles. If I have to explain the wonder of this song we cannot be friends.

I have a dog shoving her face into my side. That is dog for, I have to poop.

Titty sprinkles!


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