Don't let us grow up

I don't like adulting as much as I don't like people who use adulting as a verb.

Both adulting and the the invention of the verb adulting are made up bullshit.

We should all be playing hide and go seek. Naked. While hiding with our own version of TGB in a treehouse or a fort. Playing doctor.

We should not being doing anything resembling adulting.

When we die we aren't going to be proud of all the things we adulted. We aren't going to look back fondly at never having called in sick to spend the day fucking around at the movies, or the arcade, or in bed touching each other. We'll do the opposite.

I want to live in that parallel universe where adulting will get you ridiculed and making up words will get you punched in the junk.

Now excuse me while I go to work adult for four hours.

Titty sprinkles!


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