Bacon and a backup qb

We had uncooked bacon. I have remedied that situation. I have until it is done baking to write.


I was called heroic. I carried a rather full sized kid a couple hundred yards to the boat after he was stung by a stingray. Then I carried him to his car. He was with his gramma and she couldn't do it. Doing the right thing is not heroic, it's just the right thing. To do otherwise is just asshole. But Jesus Christ that kid was fucking heavy.


When Kaepernick first sat for the anthem a lot of people got all butthurt about it. I get it. The flag symbolizes a thing to them and they assume it symbolizes the same thing to everyone.

It does not.

The one thing that made me laugh was a comment on a friend's post to the effect that protesting never changes anything. I didn't reply to the person's comment. I did, however, think he needed to open a history book.

It's funny, but I find myself like Kap more now than I ever did as a qb.

He saw a thing that was bothering him and thought, I am in a position to shine a light on this issue. And then he did. Peacefully.

And people began talking. First about his lack of respect for the flag. Then about what the anthem means and who it was written by, and then about the substance of his protest.

Then others decided to follow suit.

There are still people who are pissy about the flag and the anthem while ignoring the substance of his protest. Those people are inconsequential. Protesting may not change things, but doing nothing certainly guarantees it.

I swore to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. It always makes me proud to see people exercising those rights (even passionate Trump fans) because those are the people that are engaged in driving this country.

Those are the We the people. 

Bacon is ready.

Titty sprinkles!


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