Word vomit. Part 728

I did not read to kids today.
I did not read in any way.
I did not look inside a book
and say the words out loud;
I did not take a single look
at the annoying little crowd.

I actually watched this the entire time the song below was playing. It syncs up amazingly.

Dude, that I could write a poem that stellar with just two sips of coffee at 0600 is a testament to my talent. And yes, I am aware that it was actually yesterday that I did not read to the chil'rens, but today flowed better with my jam, man.

I ended up having a customer walk into the libary who needed a lot of help finding some pretty obscure books just before it was my turn to read. The boss lady took my turn. The children were better for it.

I can't wait to be back on the boat tomorrow. When there is no one else on it, I crank the music and (don't tell anyone) leave the ship's wheel for a moment or two to dance. My milkshake brings all the avid weekend outdoorsmen to the dock. Or whatever.

I do what I want!

Titty sprinkles!


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