Trust in me when I say

It's been a fun few days.

Lost my internet due to construction crew incompetence here in Mexico Beach. Turns out they didn't just cut my lines, they cut everyones. They are not smart. Yay lowest bidder!

Got stung by a metric shit ton of hornets. Or wasps. I can't tell them apart. They were yellow and they were assholes.

Two weeks of rain left my yard a veritable rain forest so I managed to only get bit by three things that left huge, puss filled lumps on my arms and leg while beating back the jungle. I actually was afraid to sleep nekkid last night because I have one huge bite on my ribcage and didn't want to ooze on the new mattress. I hate Florida.

Now I spend a couple days a week working at the libary and a couple days a week driving a boat. And I got called about another job on my way home yesterday.

Couldn't find shit forever, now everyone wants a piece of this.

Thanks Obama!

I giggle every time I come across books about poo.

Titty sprinkles!


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