These children that you spit on

I watched this video with my first up of coffee. You should watch it.

Nothing surprised me in it. I laughed at the crazy cult lady. I was sad by the token latino guy. 

He is what I call a dumb Mexican

I can say that, I'm black. 

But the thing I loved was the kids. They were the ones standing up with the courage of their convictions while old fuckers like me hide behind a keyboard. Or worse. 

I'm tired of my generation lamenting the passing of greats like David Bowie while missing the point of his words altogether. These kids are trying to change their world. 

In part, because we are leaving them a shittier one than we inherited. 

As a member of Generation X, I can still remember Baby Boomers slighting my generation the same way my compatriots are ripping Millenneals. Fuck you Baby Boomers, Trump is one of your generation.

Generation X elected the first Black POTUS! 

Okay. What the fuck were we doing when Congress was getting taken over by the nutjobs? Sitting at home playing fucking video games? 

Fuck my generation, we're just the repeat cycle of the last generation. We do one fucking good thing and act like it absolves us from the overall shit we're handing to the next guy in line while we blame him for it in the first place. 

Don't listen to us when we bash you, Millenneals. 

Don't be like us when it comes your turn to hand over the reins. 

Dear gawd, shut up already, Mister!
Titty Sprinkles!


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